Friday, November 18, 2011

Unapologetic Dreamer

Hello fellow dreamers and random folks! It has been a while! and that is definitely an understatement. It was great rereading my post from before and seeing just how far I've come, but an explaination of that will just have to wait for now. Now I don't want to just jump from my last post to today so I will try and bridge it as much as possible so here goes:

After my last post I realized how important family was too me. In my previous post I mentioned how I hated the fact that I could not do anything to pay them back for all they have done. However, I slowly realized that education was one way I could get ready to pay them back while actively making myself more desireable to the United States as a person from an economical stand point. Furthermore, I felt that the education path might be the most successful route for me no matter what the outcome was going to be (in relation to if the dream act is going to be passed or not). My reasoning for this is if I get deported (heaven forbid) I would still have my degree no matter what. From there I may immigrate (legally this time! and of my own free will!) to another country and share my talents and skills and say "too bad America, I know you paid for my K-12 which was worth hundreds of thousand of dollars, as well as community college supplemental dollars but hey, I wanted to give back money via taxes but you just would not let me! I would even pay a legalization fee but you just wont create a path. So now I'll just let you handle this depression all on your own because apparentely you're just too good for me." I know I might be coming on a bit strong but hey it is the freakin' truth. That's why I changed this blog name to Unapologetic Dreamer because I won't apologize for trying to make the most of this life I was given. I won't be scared, I wont be intimidated, but I also wont be stupid. I will take calculated risked based on what I call a reward/risk ratio which I will explain at a later post. However, this is my delaration to not be scared of the obstacles but face them head on.

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