Thursday, April 9, 2009

Good Folks

I enjoy reading blogs, especially one's from DREAMERS. From DREAM ACT student's "The I Word" to Documenting Me's "After Effects," these blogs have been a type of coping mechanism for me. It's great having someone to relate to even though i have never in my life seen these people, that is if you don't count Documenting Me's wrist. But nonetheless this commonality of ours brings us together. Honestly, i enjoy reading blogs about "the struggle," or how we've delt with the injustice that's been placed in our lives and the sorrow and pain. Blogs that can articulate the complicated lifestyle we must traverse are hits with me too. Is this sad? I dont think so. These are things with which we relate and are packed with emotion. There's nothing better then relieving stress and sadness or any other emotion for that mattter then reading my blog or someone else's that fully describes my thoughts. But Im going to put that off for today. Today, I have to recognize the good folks.

Who are the good folks? They're the ones who stick by you even though you're a DREAMER. The ones who see that potential. The ones who come closet to understanding (note: understanding not = to knowing) the life of a DREAMER without being a dreamer themself. Here's an example: my dad. In all honesty, it's hard to relate with my dad, he grew up in the philipphines and is in his fifties. He comes from a different time and culture and also just came back from his slight, "deportation but not really deportation because he's a resident now," trip from the philipphines. So to say the least, conversations dont spring up like grass in the spring. But he tries his best to keep me optimistic by keeping up with the news and reports about immigration. He drives me where i need to go, though i choose not to overly burden him with rides and the like. Though we dont talk a lot, i can infer that he believes in me. He's not the only one, there's more family members and friends that go along with that. These are the good folks and they're important.

They're important because they make up a large sum of my future. I do want to get a good job, that college degree, that car, that money. But why? Would these things make me happy? Yes and No. It may be a complete yes for some, but not me. It's not this way because of how things have played out in my life so far. Because during these trying times filled with suffering and even days where hope was just a thread like beam in utter dark dispair these folks were there. So if i could give another reason to PASS THE DREAM ACT it would be this: so i can finally do something in return for those who never gave up on me. The Good Folks.


  1. I'm the founder of the pro-migrant blog, Citizen Orange, and I'd like to be in touch with you. Email me at kyle at citizenorange dot com when you get the chance.

  2. hey where have you been at man??? Miss your posts!