Saturday, November 19, 2011


What to do, what to do. It's one of those days when you can't help but think about the future. So far all I have under my belt is a high school diploma and a Associates in Biological Sciences. I guess that's better then nothing. I was actually very thankful for getting my associates just a few months ago but now it seems light weight useless in comparison to what other people have around the world. In a year... hopefully, I will have attained my bachelors in Biochemistry and minor in education. But what then? Right now there looks to be 2 options.

Option 1: Graduate School. Instead of graduating in a year I will stay 2 years like any normal transfer student. This is so that I can spend more time with my research team and clubs so that I can have a great letter of recommendation and have done more things to fill up my resume as well as study for the GRE and graduate entrance exams.

Positives: 1) I get to stay in the states longer, maybe even find me a wifey and see if I can get legalization that way as well (no gurantee that would even work from what I hear). 2) Graduate students are very appealing to the US and would greatly increase my chances at staying (no promises there as well) 3) Having a masters is highly appealing anywhere in the world espeically from an accredited place in the US. 4) More time for the DREAM Act to pass

Negatives: 1) I will be 25 when I graduate with my bachelors and 29 when I graduate with my masters (assuming I get into a master program) FFUUUDDDGGEE that's old! 2) more money out of my family's pockets because I can't fund that myself or take out a loan (unless i find out otherwise because I'd be getting my master's in Biochemistry with is considered in the "hard sciences" and for people in that kind of program, they get their school paid for, again, this is for normal graduates so who knows.


Option 2: Philipines. Returning to my native home land and finally getting this undocumented status out the picture. I will have my bachelor's from the United States which hold much more sway then anything you can get over there. From there can either try and apply for residency to another country like Canada or Europe somewhere and try and get into a nationally accredited medical school. Or even stay in the philipines and try and make a difference there.

Positives: 1) Finally FREAKIN LEGAL! 2) Can hold a job and feel like I'm moving along in life 3) can MAKE A DIFFERENCE! 4) From TFC (the filipino channel) there are some legit looking filipino girls over there [:

Negatives: 1) 10 freakin year band + those years it takes to petition someone 2) Philipines isn't really Europe, it is a legit 3rd world country, ehh.. upper 3rd world country. 3) Government, from what I hear, is pretty currupt so attempting to make a positive change may ruffle some feathers that could get me killed (no joke). 4) I do not know how to speak my native language (very sad i know but like i say, I'm Americanized to the max)

Well those are the choices. WTFREAK why is every choice we dremers make such big ones! Well since i make my choices only when i have to, i guess for now it's just nice knowing i have options.

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