Tuesday, March 17, 2009

F My Life

Crappp.. Crap crap..

So hello everyone. It's been a long time since i last posted and i know all my readers are disappointed (SIKE). Does anyone read this blog? Well anyway, the reason i havent been blogging lately was because i had been driving! YEAH! I tell ya, it's completly awesomeness. Grades jumped to A status effortlessly, helped around the house more which made my parents happy, worked out like a monster so im in pretty great shape, played basketball all over the place, was able to help a lot of people with projects and advice, plus i still had extra time to spare! Also i was building this pro dream act group at my school. Then on a fateful day, just a few days ago, i was eating at a local mexican store and i leave my wallet out on the table for a few seconds and BAM! STOLEN! SUCKS! KILL ME NOW! F MY LIFE!

Soo... basically kinda back to square one. But there are some differences. 1. I'm more sure of my potential. I was kinda sure of it before, but there were days when i thought i was just running my mouth because i had no proof of it. But having that license, for as brief a time as it was, was conformation that i can achieve great things given equal footing. 2. Im out of that hopelessness state because driving for a while helped me get out of that rut that i was in. 3. I might be able to obtain another one.

One more note, and a serious one too. It seems like I've been getting a huge taste of the injustice that goes on in this world. My "once upon a time" belief that things here on earth are more good then bad is starting to tip. It seems as if this world is trying it's hardest to harden my heart and become bitter using survival and fairness as its justification. Greed, jealousy, and lust for power seem to be making it self more prevolent in my mind's sight. Yet i can not turn to it's ways even though it seems to benifit those who use it. I guess in the end im still hopeful that goodness, righteousness, honesty, and justice will prevail.

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